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Life had given her more knocks than most could take, but she was determined to survive, even when faced with death. Until she came face-to-face with two men who offered her so much more. But could she face what loving them could cost her?. Will it be for nothing when they find out who her father is? Will the Ravens be able to save Selena this time, or will they lose the most important thing, their Fated? The Ravens of War introduces hot, intelligent characters in an original storyline that totally entertains readers. This series has a great start. Boon had done a wonderful job of world building for the story and introducing the characters.

Her story line is well thought out and keeps the readers engaged.

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It is a hot and sexy read from beginning to end. Elle Boon spins a tale that puts a creative spin on the tale of the Greek gods and the titans. Tagged: erotic romance , Guest Blogger , menage , mythology , paranormal Posted in Contests! Love panther-shifters? Love a sexy Cajun drawl?

Enjoy the excerpt and enter to win it! Comment for a chance to win a free download of Bad Moon Rising! On a whim, romance author DiDi Devereaux decides to travel to remote Louisiana bayou country to take possession of a house she inherited from a reclusive relative. But before she reaches her destination, she drives her car into a ditch to avoid a large animal that leaps into her path.

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Rescue comes in the form of a sexy sheriff, whose gruff demeanor seems to hide a feral attraction. As DiDi settles into her new home she finds herself torn between her attraction to the sheriff and the raw, handsome bad boy whose offer to help her renovate her home is a little too convenient and tempting. Nothing in Bayou Noir is what it seems. When strange things begin to happen, her natural curiosity leads her into danger…. Get your copy here! Her newest story was beginning to pull together—or at least, the characters were coming alive. But the characters were now fully fleshed—the two men appealing to her heroine in ways DiDi understood all too well.

The question she still struggled with was which man her heroine would ultimately choose. The thought made her smile. DiDi closed the computer lid. Of course, Sheriff Breaux and Bobby Sonnier were the models for her two heroes. Which man did she, DiDi, prefer? However, the room was warm.

Maybe drinking something ice-cold would cool her enough to rest comfortably. She slipped the pass key into her back pocket, tucked a couple of dollar bills into the front one, and let herself out of her room. Outside, she breathed in the thick, humid air.

For the Love of a God [Gods of Olympus] (Siren Publishing Menage Amour)

The night was quiet except for the distant, blended hum of insects and frogs. Maybe it was the cloying heat, but she felt restless and aroused. But inside, both souls were painted with the same darkness. The soda machine stood next to the office, so she walked barefoot along the sidewalk, slid her money into the slot, and hit the button for a Coke. The machine shuddered, but nothing dropped into the well at the bottom.

Cursing, she bent and stuck her arm up into the opening, found the bottom of her can lodged at an odd angle, and rattled it until it dropped into her hand. DiDi drew up short. A car had parked in front of her room. Sheriff Breaux stood with his arms crossed over his chest, watching her.

How to beat the Medusa Tower - Gods Of Olympus

Had he seen her wrestle with the coke, her butt in the air? Would she ever catch a break with the guy? DiDi made herself straighten her shoulders and sauntered toward the large man. Did he always wear that expression—so dark and intense, so watchful? She caught the way his narrowed glance scanned her bare legs and feet, and she shivered. Challenged her.

51 Best Dixie Lynn Dwyer images | Author, Romance books, Pictures of romance

Made her tingle in all the right places. What should I fear? And is the danger sporting four legs or two? More temptation than man or beast might be able to resist. DiDi blinked, all bluster gone. Heat soaked the crotch of her panties. His lips crimped in irritation, and he shook his head. Two could play this game of chicken.

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She stepped close enough she could smell him. I like a man being in charge. Answer his challenge with one of her own. DiDi leaned into Mason, pressing the hand not holding the soda against his chest and rising on her toes. When her mouth approached, she saw his lips part. Pulling back, she gave him a slight glare. Not exactly a no. Angling a hand backwards, she set the soda on the windowsill and reached up to clutch his shoulders, pushed her chest against his, snuggling closer, and kissed him again.

Rather than reach for him again, DiDi curved her fingers into her palms. Feeling like a fool, she pushed at his hands. His hands let go of her waist and glided around her back, pulling her against him. And then he was walking her backward, pushing her against her door while he devoured her mouth.

She locked her fingers behind his neck. Scents intensified—the smell of thick, green forest, the exhaust of his car, his aftershave, the unique smell of his masculine musk. Sounds—an indistinct hum before—returned, becoming louder. Crickets chirped, frogs croaked. The wind sifted through the trees, rustling leaves and creaking branches. And his heartbeat grew loud enough, insistent enough, her own matched its beat.

And God, the lush, wet thrill of that kiss! His mouth was hard, his tongue sinfully fluid, sliding along hers then tangling and twisting until she had to suck on it to keep him still and savor the sensual connection. DiDi felt as though she drowned in a perfect moment, falling deeply into lust, her body shivering and bending toward him. Mason broke the kiss. His gaze raked her face; his jaw tightened. Relief made her knees shake. She dug into her pocket for the key card and handed it over.

He swiped the key and pulled down the latch next to her hip. Then he tossed the key toward the bed behind her and grasped her waist.